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From the deep dream dominions

Today I am pleased to announce that our new game “The Awakening” will be published in cartridge format.

Now we need to know the exact number of copies that must be produced to place the order to our suppliers, so we have decided to open a list of orders to make a joint order of materials.

The payment can be made at the time of joining the list, or during the week after the closing of the registration period.

Please understand that joining this list implies a commitment to pay.

These are the game price and requirements:Quote:

Physical Edition: Cartridge format (2 megs).
Cover of the cartoonist, Sergio Cabanillas

Game for MSX2 microcomputers with 128k RAM and FMPAC

Hand delivery
(Seville or Barcelona): € 33
Game + National Shipping
(Spain) *: € 37
Game + International Shipping
(Other Countries) *: € 42

To make the reservation, you can send an email to fenris782@gmail.com with the subject “AWAKENING: Reservation” you must indicate the delivery method as well as your address and a contact email.

For any questions, suggestions or proposals, you can contact me through fenris782@gmail.com or join our Telegram group to chat with us and our small community.

All users will also receive a digital version of the game.

Now, I will show you some details about the game.

“In an indeterminate time, our people was born. Surrounded by metal and concrete, we lived in burrows inherited from our ancestors. We survived through unity and cunning in a world that belonged to mutants.

Today I will tell you the story of “Big Bad Wolf” Soldier; his adventures in the forgotten garden and the awakening of our people. ”

Game Intro

This is how the story of this adventure game begins. You will control the “Big Bad Wolf” Soldier, pulverizing mutants with your shotgun and exploring a huge map of more than 200 screens. You will have to pay attention to the alarms of the Geiger counter and move fast, because most areas are toxic due to radiation.

Your mission will be to find the precise terminals to activate the “Icarus protocol”. Once this is done, the outcome of the story will be shown.

In the next few days, I will be adding some details about the physical edition and I will try to show a gameplay video. For now there you have some screenshots.

Main Menu
Wath your Step during the night
Some areas are especially radioactive
Zone 136, where we began our adventure.
“Big Bad Wolf” Soldier is now ready for action. Are you ready?

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